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Excavation & Grading
Pond Construction & repair   

We clear and grade land,
build and repair ponds, clean out ponds
and offer residential and commercial demolition
services in the Columbia, South Carolina area.

If you own property in Richland county and would like to discuss plans for your land development please consider Contacting  us for a free estimate. 

We have repaired damaged ponds in the area from the excessive rainfall received in the past years.
We offer free estimates and will come out and look at the damages and assist in developing a plan for restoration.

Here is a personal story by the demolition man hope you enjoy:
A few years ago I was working with my bulldozer in the local area and found this little amphibian on the land clearing job in South Carolina. I thought it to be a most unusual looking lizard with yellow spots. I put him in a bucket to take home to show the grandchildren and my wife. My wife thought his face looked like toothless from how to train your dragon.  Our family researched it or should I say "googled it" and discovered it to be a spotted salamander and that it is our SC State Amphibian. He was released him back into the woods after the whole family saw him.